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FLORIDA American Alligator Hunt

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FLORIDA American Alligator Hunt


FLORIDA The American Alligator is one of the great conservation success stories of all time. This species was hunted to near extinction for its hide and prized meat. Do to the efforts of local sportsman and state agency the American alligator now thrives in the swamps of the deep South. Our hunt takes place on the St Johns river, central Florida. Alligators are taken the old fashioned way-man verses gator. We hunt them from our boat, spot and stalk or over bait. In this area firearms are not currently allowed. We have used crossbows in the past but prefer the harpoon. The hunt usually begins shortly after dark, when your guide takes you into the back waters and channels of the river searching for these ancient reptiles. When hunting spot and stalk after a shoot able gator is found we approach slowly and quietly attempting to slip in and make a good throw with the harpoon. Once the animal has been struck the battle is on! This is a true old fashioned way to hunt alligators. At times we will use weighted preble hooks to bring a gator up off the bottom. This is absolutely the most exciting way to hunt alligators. Another method we use is baiting, we are not allowed to put hooks in the bait so one needs to slowly bring the line up from the bottom with the gator to the harpoon.
All of the above takes place in the dark in the swamp. As you can see the stage is set for some true adventure. Our local guide has been hunting alligators for nearly 50 years. Very simply put, if he cannot get you an alligator no one can. Also note, there is no size limit on gators, the bigger the better. Many places will charge you by the foot. We offer a true fair chase, old fashioned gator hunt, average size is 8-12 feet. Our guide is fully licensed by the state of Florida and our cost includes the tag necessary to harvest the gator. Our guide also owns a state licensed Alligator processing facility and will skin, cut, wrap & freeze your trophy at a slight additional charge. To complete your adventure, we can also combine some fast action hog hunting. Nothing says a trip to central Florida better than hogs and alligators!


FLO1 FLORIDA American Alligator Hunt



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