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Tour Code: OH-CAN4 Length: 7 Days

The Hunt

Our deer hunting operation takes place near Dryden Ontario. This is a very unique area. Unlike much of Southern Ontario, which is covered in timber and has scattered populations of deer, our area has a very high density. Many years ago farming was tried here. The farming failed but left many thousands of acres of cleared land that is presently used for hay or just let to grow wild. This has created the ideal habitat for whitetails with mixed forest and open fields. We hunt private land exclusively and only allow 4 hunters each week. This keeps pressure low and trophy quality high. Success rate run near 90% o quality bucks. Cabin with full time electric and wood heat are provided. We have all cooking utensils as well as the stands already in place. The best part of the hunt here is that we are able to hunt all phases of the rut. Season usually opens 31 October and we will hunt from Saturday to Saturday through November. Deer are moving and both breeding and feeding heavily during this time. If you are looking to take a decent whitetail give us a call.


1 week Whitetail hunt
Saturday to Saturday $1250.00pp


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