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Cape Town Wingshooting Day Trips

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Africa Wingshooting and Plains Game This hunt is easy to add to any big game safari. Bring the better half to Cape Town and let her enjoy a day of shopping and culture with our private guide while you sneak away for a day in the field! Our bird hunting in the Western Cape is one of the finest hunting destinations for bird hunters in the world. There is an opportunity to hunt various types of birds in a day's outing and offering you some great challenges. During our summer months we offer one of the most fantastic Rock Pigeon shooting, where you could be shooting pigeons at speeds of over 70 Km (43 MPH) an hour. This is a real challenge. In our winter month's geese are also a great challenge around our ponds with hides and decoys. Our Guinea fowl hunting is one of the greatest birds to hunt and it is the most clever terrestrial birds to hunt and a lot more difficult to hunt than any other bird. All our birds are seasonal; however we hunt through the year.

(Note: if you hunted birds in Argentina please don't expect the same as here when we hunt our birds. This is a completely different experience!)
The following birds that are available to hunt when in season: Egyptian and Spur wing Geese, Guinea fowl, Rock pigeon, Cape Spur Francolin, Yellow-billed duck, Red-billed teal, Cape shoveller, Cape Teal, Hottentot Teal, African black duck, Cape Turtle Dove.


1 to 2 Hunters: $600.00 US Dollars per person per day

3 to 4 Hunters: $550.00 US Dollars per person per day

5 to 6 Hunters: $500.00 Us Dollars per person per day


Services Including:
  • Use of shotgun and ammunition
  • Collection and drop off at your accommodation within the Cape area
  • Birds hunted
  • Gun dog
  • Trackers
  • Registered professional hunter
  • Beverages including wine and beer
  • Hunting permit
  • Transfer fees
  • Big traditional meal
  • Bring your partner along (non-hunter) @ 150.00 USD per person
  • Fully equipped 4x4 vehicle
  • no hidden charges
Not included:
  • Taxidermy work and final destination
  • Gratuities
  • Personal Insurance cover and medical insurance cover


Best Seasons for our bird hunting in the Cape are:

For Egyptian and Spur wing is from May to end July, however they can be hunted right through the year. We also have good geese hunting during our summer months around our ponds/dams. From August it is there breeding season and they start to pair off and are all over the fields and they do not need to come to ponds as there is enough water all-round the areas.

For the Egyptian and Spur wing geese one could expect a bag of 5 and 10 birds per hunter on outing. The hunted either early morning or late afternoon which we prefer late afternoon shooting, this done from hides and decoys.

Red-billed Teal, Cape Shoveller, Cape Teal, Hottentot Teal, African black duck, Yellow-billed duck is hunted from small dams and pans from hides and decoys. The best time is May through to end July. Expect to bag about 5 a day.

Francolin and Guinea fowl are either walked up over German Shorthaired pointers on big groups or driven. The Guinea fowl is one uncanny bird; they will give you a challenging hunt and one can walk and stalk these birds the whole day. They have a great eye sight and hearing-our favourite bird to hunt. When driven they can be very spectacular, best time April to end of August, one can expect a bag 5-10 birds a day.

Rock Pigeon and dove hunting is very high volume hunting. The Cape has very good rock pigeon shooting, from November to middle or end March. One can expect to shoot 200 to 400 pigeons per day, with a kill rate of 20 percent to 60 percent depending on the skill of the hunter. Our pigeon shooting is done from 3 pm in the afternoon until 5:30pm and this is very challenging to shoot.

We have one of the finest places for rock pigeon in the Cape if not the very best in the Cape for exclusive rock pigeon for Cape Town Hunting Safaris only.

To enjoy a good bird hunt we recommend 3-4 shooting days per safari, however we do one day safaris as well but please do not have any great expectations as its pure natural hunting as our birds are not breed and driven as you would hunt in the United Kingdom for example, except for Guinea fowl which when found can then be driven. Generally speaking on the one and two hunts we have had very great success and this also depends on the season.

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Cape Town Wingshooting Day Trips Cape Town Wingshooting Day Trips Cape Town Wingshooting Day Trips
Cape Town Wingshooting Day Trips Cape Town Wingshooting Day Trips Cape Town Wingshooting Day Trips

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